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About the Artist

Exploring the visualization of beauty

Welcome to my world.

I am second generation Mexican-American and proud of my latin roots.  I celebrate the deep and vibrant colors of life in my art.  

I take photos of not only models but objects to use within the art, to layer and design each piece in a time-consuming digital process. I believe there is something beautiful in about everything, you just have to find it.

I have had a unique path and didn't always do art like this.  I wanted to but never had drive or motivation until I found the area I wanted to focus on erotic art in a new way.  I think people get too caught up in sex or sexualization and not the pure beauty of the human form.  Once I found my muse my journey began.  I was a pastor and decided that I was not a good fit for the job because I was tired of the hypocrisy and lack of separation of church and state.  I didn't feel like I went into debt to be pushed around by people who had no training.  I was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic.  But once I left the church I lost my cravings.  I guess God/the universe or whatever you subscribe to, was leading me on a different path.  

At the same time my wife was exploring being a model because she felt free to do that now that I wasn't being watched.  Next I grab a camera and worked my way into taking photographs for a few burlesque shows and have modeled myself.

It has been a long learning process.  I have no formal training.  I have been using photoshop since the 7th edition by trial and error learning.

My work is inspired by my wife's beauty, surrealism, pop-art, and art deco styles.  I grew up living a pretty sheltered life watching tv and not having much social interaction.  My mind wondered and still does imagining the world in a different way.  I make are to share the visions in my head and to see if I can create them to share with you.

Welcome to my wild minds eye and thanks for coming to join my journey.

If you have an interest in prints please message me for details as the site is still being constructed currently. 

And if you want a piece to last until an electronic apocalypse then check out my art as NFTs on

You can also find me on Hic Et Nunc and rarible for NFTs of my work.  Thanks!

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